Welcome to Weft Handwoven Linens

Handwoven kitchen linens add something wonderful, satisfying and very practical to your kitchen. New cloth, woven slowly by one person on a floor loom. New cloth, made of handspun linen thread.

Very absorbent kitchen towels woven by Lisa Bertoldi in the hills of western Massachusetts.
~ ~ ~

‘Lisa’s towels are my go-to kitchen towel. We own several! They are sturdier and more absorbent than any other towels I have ever used, large enough to be practical, and are very cheery to boot.”
—P., of Amherst, Massachusetts.

“Lisa’s towels are beautifully designed and very nicely woven. They stand up to the abuse of kitchen chores and return to their beauty after a turn in the washing machine. Highly recommended!”
—K., of Florence, Massachusetts.