Very absorbent kitchen toweling! This is what I weave, and this is what I offer you.

These kitchen towels which I create are designed to be very thirsty, very durable, and supremely useful. I weave exclusively dish towels, and have spent much time and effort over the last decade learning which fiber combination and which weave structure provide optimum results. Twill weave structure packs the threads together more tightly, thus creating a denser fabric which in turn absorbs more water. All of my towels are twill weave.

The warp from which they are made is a Scandinavian combination of linen and cotton called cottolin, imported from Sweden and manufactured to the highest standard.


The weft of my major line is linen, the yarn being imported from Sweden. I find these Swedish yarns to be of excellent quality. These towels will become buttery soft over the next months and years.


For a limited number of towels, I carefully handspin the weft out of imported flax stricks. Handspun yarn has a quality that is not found in commercial yarns: slight variations in color, a slight unevenness in yarn diameter give a rustic and homely feel to the resulting fabrics.


There is now flax being grown commercially in Nova Scotia, Canada by Taproot Fibre Lab. Only several towels I produce have a weft of this ‘local’ flax. I handspin this flax into a sound linen yarn, then weave it into the towel. These towels have a look and a hand unlike any other fabric. Since the flax is retted in a specific way, the towels appear quite dark: they will become lighter with laundering.

The textiles of fifty percent handspun linen will become soft and lustrous over time, with wear and with washing. Lusciously soft and lustrous.

Laundry instructions: machine wash hot or cold, with commercial detergent. Line dry, or machine dry. Press if you so desire.

The towels are laundered and dried by me before sale.

I fully guarantee these kitchen towels, which are produced by me, one at a time. I am always happy to answer any questions. Contact me.